Wednesday, December 31, 2008

aKu D mALuKn T_T

smlm ak tlh dmalukn dpn org rmai kt kafe..
rmai gk r..nme pn kafe kn..bkn dmlukn oleh
mmbr @ awek tp bju ak sndri..hmpr slruh bhgn
ats dpn tdedah..auww..mlu gler..ak bru hbis
klas strgth of material..mmg bpluh2 r tyme 2..
ktrg rmai2 g kafe..sbb rmai sgt org ak wt
kputusn u mnum i je..lpas je bgkus i kopi beng..
ak tgk mmbr2 sume da blah g mini mart..
ak cpat2 amik beg nk kjar dorg..ak pusing je
nk blah..krak..krak..krak..sa2 persa2 btg bju
ak tbuka(bju kmeje ak btg lkat2 gi2 je)..
sbb hjg bju 2 sngkut kt krusi..sial pnye kusi..
aiyaa..nk cover pn ssh sbb sblh tgn
pgg beg..sa2 ag pgg i..angkt mke tgk dpn..
adoyaii sume mke awek2 je..ahh da tbal gler mke..
(dlm hti seb bek dadaku x bbulu n boroi sgt..
bleh msuk dlm ktgori model ag r..haha)
ak psg blkg..seb bek mmbr ak gk( len sect )..
pass dy i n beg..btgkn blik bju n trus blahh..

p/s : kpd sume jgn r pkai bju kmeje btg lkat2 gi2

Monday, December 29, 2008

beauty fool come back

salam utk sume
utk pgthuan kwn2ku skalian
ak sdh slmt smpi ke ump ptg smlm
bsorgan ke kuantn mmg mbsankn
mmbrku = rumetku tlh kuar ump
utk mymbg cita2nye
bosan gler ats bas
tdo bgn mkn tdo

skali ag ak dtg sni utk sem bru
mm..agk frust ngn rsult y lps
ok r dr xde pape
hrpn utk dri strong
u can do it
cover leklok sem lps
bak kte bdk 2 nerd
cmne 2??ak xpnh try ag 2
kne bljr ngn dy ni

buat ms ni..
ak rs kosong n x besh
tatau nk wt pe ag
esk da stat klas kot

sthun da blalu utk ak
ak smkn tue n tue
ape y ptot ak wt skrg??
pkai ubt anti-kedut o jamu prapat
o smbg tido??
ak tatau

im became hopeless
sum one pliss help me

Saturday, November 29, 2008

haRi2 kU

salam sume..
ak nk mnta maaf kt sume sbb lme x update blog ni
bkn pe klu update pn bkn ade org y nk bce pn kn
byk prkara y blaku dlm hdp aku dlm sbln y lpas
plg pntg exam kot (^_^)
ak da cbe wt y terbek ny utk exam 2
redha je r dpt brape kerat pn
ak cme exm utk 3 paper je
skit kn
last day exam 12.11
lpas 2 enjoy2
men snukr karoke tgk muvi & mcm ag
best gler..enjy x igt dunia
sdar2 je pket da krg kontg
lpas exm rmai mmbr blik umh
tggl ak ngn geng suksis ak je
ktrg kne camp n krsus etika
best ade bohsan ade
camp kt pulau chekas raub
byk xtiviti comuniti servis r
men2 ngn en. pacat dlm htn blntara
rmai awek2 y tjoget salsa bl jmpe en. pacat
cian kt en. pacat..ish3
ak bek gk r ngn en. pacat 2
smpat gk dy bwk family dy nginap kt betis putih ak ni
ade awek 2 nk bke suar dpn ak sbb tkut en. pacat
seb bek ak x bwak camcoder
hehehe ampun ye
mlm budaya group kmi nk nyanyi
kpl da psg tatau nk nynyi lgu ape
last2 amik lagu suparman malaya
en. faizal tahir - gemuruh jiwa
seb bek dorg sume enjy ngn nynyian kmi
biarpn suara kmi bnyi 'merdu' sgt
blik camp ktrg sume da ltih
sume wt taik mte ats bas ump 2
klu korg jmpe ksan2 peta kt kusyen 2 knfem r 2
hehe bkn ak pnye taw
mmbr 2 ak kot..ngee
bjet nk g gombak jp umh mmbr
tp cancel sbb awek kt indu ngn kte
lpas 2 wt truhan ngn awek klu ak klh ak blk
akhir ny ak klh gk..mst klh ny klu men gme 2
plus tbh da pnt so pk2 blik r
indu gk ngn mak bapak kt umah
dlm prjalnn nk ke trmnal
ktrg hmpr xsiden
ngn lori mnyk bai
jrak ngn kete ade r separuh pmbris pndk 2
dkt gler n tyr blkg kete da trgkt2 nek divider
seb bek driver ktrg di import khas
plus luck ktrg slmt
nek bas mte ak trus pjam
bgn je da smpi klntn
ni r y org kt skelip mte lju berdesup
ak pejam ak celik da smpi kltn
hbt kn??
mm ak da ngntuk r
lter r ak cter ag k
da pnjg da ak mrapu 2

p/s: gue bru bgn tidow..sorry gue telat

Friday, October 24, 2008

im free for a while..huhu

Actually this blog was made as an assignment for my Technical English subject in UMP. And maybe after this assignment had finish i will use Bahasa as my language. It also because my English are actually broken..hehe. Back to the topic, em i had passed from my "hell week". huhu as ajk publisity for dinner student section iem, Coffee Nyte at Swiss Garden Resort and Spa, a ton of assignment from lec, english and computer programming exhibition and else. Huhu. im swear that wont never get involve with another activities after this.huhu. But if im forced plus bore, i will. It because from program like this im able to know many people and i could make more friend..hehe. Last week im also involve with university program which is Briget Siswa. And we had choosed to go to SK Bukit Rangin to give some motivation to pupils there. 'WTF' was what im thinking. For what we do that. We have alot of work to do. But for try to not repeat this subject next sem, im went there with a numb look even i have a cheerful then this program went so well and we got praise from them. Plus Bola Sepak Kampung Fiesta that i had join. Eventhough we had lose that game but we are happy to play as a team (i play wit my classmate)..then that all for now.

p/s: mggu dpn stdy week..full of stress i think

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

sir lamp mad harry rare year tuu yuu

First of all i just want to share my happiness about going back to my village at kota bharu kelantan. It was Im feeling unpatient and full of passion. To my friends at village, i just want to say wait for me. Im will be at home around 10.30 pm this friday. Haha. It will be great if we are able to hang out with you all again. I hope this coming eid will be the best eid ever for me and family. And hope our relationship will become tighter than before. I love u mom dad. You are everything. Click Here To Get One
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2 month n half

Hmm it seem that i didnt post anything on my blog lately. It not because im lazy or sumthing but i have a lot of work to do. 7.7.08 is a meaningfull date to me because it was da first time im here at UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA of PAHANG(UMP). Im feeling ok being here, maybe because before this i had been here at Pahang Matriculation Collage which about 3 km from UMP. Since Im here, i had join many activity that i like such as dancing club, silat cekak, kor suksis. Huhu. Dont misunderstand me. I join that activities just for fun. For example, after im joining dancing club i can dance zapin n other dance. It can increase my knowledge about world of dance. Same to silat cekak. It useful right. Could u imagine what will happen when several enemy wit weapon attack us?? And how u want to dogde it. In this club we will able to know how to handle it wit any weapon. Interesting ayte..tired??of course im tired but what will stop us if its our likes. Emm talk about assignment quiz no wanna keep it as a secret..cehh. After stay here at UMP for almost 2 month n half i realize that im a already a mahasiswa..hahaha..gud luck guy for test..hepi fasting

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Monday, July 28, 2008

aBout fRiend

hmm salam..
we meet again right..hahaha..of couse la..
what is definition of friend to you? For me it is all about be together weither in good or bad situation, help each other and be kind to your friend. It is important for you to get a good friend for your own need. The most important criteria for being a good friend for me is help each other.Why? As example, we as student sometime cannot catch up fastly about some topic. So we can ask our friends about it. Last weekend, my rent's car was shut down because lack of oil. It happen because oil meter was damage. Can you imagine at 8.30 pm, the view was dark and we are alone besides 'ladang sawit'. So all my hope was only my friend. We will never come back to UMP if my friend never come. A good friend will never leave or ignore his/her friend.

huhu the end..

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

aku terpaksa..

aduyai tak sangka pulak lepas masuk ump ni kena buat blog lak..aku mane reti men mende2 alah nih..hahahaha..tapi berkat kesungguhan ak disertai pula dengan dorongan kawan2 bersematkan tunjuk ajar guru2 akhirnye siap juga blog ak..wahhh3..poyo lak ak nih..buat mende ni tak sampai lime mnit pn...2 jela y dpat ak tulis u kli ni..

c u later k..salamm