Monday, July 28, 2008

aBout fRiend

hmm salam..
we meet again right..hahaha..of couse la..
what is definition of friend to you? For me it is all about be together weither in good or bad situation, help each other and be kind to your friend. It is important for you to get a good friend for your own need. The most important criteria for being a good friend for me is help each other.Why? As example, we as student sometime cannot catch up fastly about some topic. So we can ask our friends about it. Last weekend, my rent's car was shut down because lack of oil. It happen because oil meter was damage. Can you imagine at 8.30 pm, the view was dark and we are alone besides 'ladang sawit'. So all my hope was only my friend. We will never come back to UMP if my friend never come. A good friend will never leave or ignore his/her friend.

huhu the end..

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

aku terpaksa..

aduyai tak sangka pulak lepas masuk ump ni kena buat blog lak..aku mane reti men mende2 alah nih..hahahaha..tapi berkat kesungguhan ak disertai pula dengan dorongan kawan2 bersematkan tunjuk ajar guru2 akhirnye siap juga blog ak..wahhh3..poyo lak ak nih..buat mende ni tak sampai lime mnit pn...2 jela y dpat ak tulis u kli ni..

c u later k..salamm